About us

Hoteltapp (BV io) is a start-up with over 15 Years of experience in the field of hospitality and IT.

Our mission

"Everything we do is aimed at creating maximum client satisfaction, loyalty and commitment of your guests: a guest who is enticed to return to his or her preferred hotel or chain with the help of our application. A hotel or chain that values its customers for who they are, demonstrated through a dedicated personal service and random acts of kindness. The hotel being a second home, which is how it was always meant to be."

Welcome to our world, you are more than invited!


The hotel industry lost control over the booking process and pre-arrival contact over the last decade. Online travel agencies (OTA's) are powerful and dominate hotel bookings worldwide. Some individual hotels or hotel chains rely for more than 85% of their bookings on OTA's.

Hotels rely on Online Travel Agencies 85%

85% Complete

Brand identity and guest loyalty are fading away.

Our application will bring 'direct bookings' back to a healthy percentage of your total bookings. Brand Loyalty will improve as well as your brand identity. We also create strong possibilites for upsell, even when a guest is using a OTA. For the latest on brand loyalty in hospitality see: Deloitte's 2014 Hotel Customer Loyalty Survey


App & features

A brand loyalty hotel app will only work if a hotel guest is highly and intrinsically motivated to use the app. Therefore we designed our app solely based on features desired by hotel guests; prior to arrival, during the stay and after check out. Not the other way around...

  • Pre arrival
  • During stay
  • After check out
  • All

Some features are applicable to multiple stages of the total guest journey.


Look & feel

Personalized and fully branded in your own company style

Results count

We measure succes using kpi's:



Amount of sold rooms


Average price per room


Average revenue additional services per room

37 %



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